The urgency has never been so clear and felt so deeply as during our recent visit to Nepal. We went to Nepal to photograph and film children who just had surgery, who were waiting for surgery and who had only little time left with their families.
Karsang, a 14 year old girl from Mugu, a small village, 7 days travelling from Kathmandu, had a rheumatic heart disease. She was waiting for her second surgery and was full of life and hope. Sadly she passed away before she was reunited with her father, who was traveling to the city to support his daughter. Karsang wrote Daniel a beautiful letter, just before she left us. She wanted to tell her story and talk about her dreams for the future as a doctor, like the ones who saved her life…

The world lost a great human and a pure soul. We cannot lose more children due to a lack of income, to difficult accessibility to health care or to waiting lists as there are no beds, no highly educated staff and specialized care facilities available.

Let’s keep focussing in 2019 on building KIOCH together. Children like Aliza and Samrat need our support, today and in the future.

A year passed by so fast …We joined forces with stakeholders, KPMG, the passionate and you, our donors, to make KIOCH happen. Thank you so much for your great knowledge, guidance, support, trust and belief in building a better future for children in need of qualitative and specialized health care in this important year for further future steps.

Wishing you a healthy new year !